Finding the sweet spot on pricing of your home is critical.    Price a home too high and it may take much longer to sell.   Price too low and you may end up leaving a lot on the table.   We can help!

  • We can provide you a list of all of the homes like the one you are selling that are either under contract, or that have sold within the last 3-6 months.
  • Upon review you will notice they can be arranged into categories:   1. selling for the higher prices.  (usually a small range in that category)  2.  homes selling for prices in middle range of the subdivision.   This category will also have a small range in prices.  3.  These are homes that are selling in the low range for the subdivision.   Again, a small range of prices and will typically consist of homes that have not been upgraded or well maintained, in some state of disrepair.   They generally need interior and exterior painting, flooring, roof, cabinetry, appliances, heating and air and yard work.   The reaction for this type of home is either "No way."  or "This looks like a deal."
  • Once this is done you will want to identify specifically items or features in the homes that sold that are similar or different to yours.  Upon completion, we can then estimate the cost associated with these differences and the impact they would have on value if they are missing or present.

With experienced realtors like us you will be able to determine value on property in any condition as well as what is necessary to elevate a property from one price category to another.   We're just a simple call away!    678-469-9248

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